“For years, I’ve been losing sleep and sacrificing my personal relationships over a job that left me completely drained. It felt like I was on a never-ending cycle of working hard and paying the bills. My work as an accountant assuming multiple roles was very demanding.

I realized that I don’t want my son to suffer the same fate. This sparked a new dream—the dream to start a new life abroad. I’ve approached a consultancy here before, but it only left me angry, frustrated, and hopeless. After taking away my hard-earned money, that agency gave me no support, no assurance, and no progress. Two years of waiting, and I finally gave up on any chance that they would help me process my papers. I was fighting a losing battle. 


Luckily, I saw IANS. I immediately did a credibility check to make sure I won’t be making the same mistake twice, and I DIDN’T! Little did I know that joining IANS’ webinar would turn all my life’s NOs into a BIG YES! A yes to change, to new journeys, and to a new reality.


I have received tremendous support and training at IANS. In just three months, I and my family got our UK visa approved. It feels so surreal to finally see my dreams coming true, and it’s all because of IANS’ systematic, straightforward solutions. Needless to say, great things come to those who trust IANS!” 

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